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Pfender Post and Pole

Roundwood Systems has worked with the Pfendler family, Pfendler Post and Pole, over the past several years, helping him with ongoing troubleshooting, service and repair issues on an older dowel mill that he had bought from another company. The Pfendler operation has been running dowel mills at their post and pole operation in Drummond, Montana for over 20 years.

As they got to know more about Roundwood Systems, a division of Montana Hydraulics and the capabilities and technological improvements that the RWS dowel mills provide, they decided that an an RWS mill would help them “turn profits” through faster production, less down time, higher overall efficiency and a more consistent, marketable finished product. Only one problem; the foot print of our dowel mill was about 14″ too long for the space allowed by his existing processing infrastructure. We worked closely with him and his team in establishing the dimensions within which a new machine could be built and helped them facilitate some other adaptations they required in order for the RWS dowel mill to be incorporated into their existing set up.

The mill was completed the end of October and recently installed and tested at the Pfendler site. They are expecting a production increase of 30% due to the upgrades they have made.

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