Turning Profits



You know what it takes to get ahead in the industry today. That’s why companies like yours look to us for support in gaining the competitive edge.  We offer a superior product backed by dependable operation and outstanding customer service. Here’s how our mill machines and accessories can help you maximize profits:

Increase output up to 100%:
Depending on pre-sorting, the RWS Dowel Mill can run up to 120 linear ft./minute vs. 40 or 50 ft. per minute.

Cut labor costs:
Cut labor costs up to 50%.

Earn higher yields from raw materials:
Waste less using a wider variety of diameters, lengths, and quality of raw materials.

Meet the demand for a quality finish:
Today’s market requires better finished products. Create a perfectly round rail with a consistent diameter and a precision finish using the RWS Dowel Mill.

Achieve multiple diameters:
The RWS Dowel Mills are capable of doweling 2″ to 8″ diameters.

Quickly change over:
Change the RWS Dowel Mill to produce different size diameters without a major interruption in your production.

Get rough-use dependability:
Sealed bearings and high strength materials mean the RWS Dowel Mill stands up to tough jobs.

Ensure safety:
Every working component on our mills is housed inside a protective covering.

Gain power:
Energy efficient and versatile, the RWS Dowel Mill can be powered by diesel engine or electric motor.

Customize the design:
We routinely customize our machine to meet our customers’ needs.

Questions Regarding Our Dowel Milling Machinery?
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Dowel Milling Machinery