Eliminate The Middleman?

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Manufacturing Your Own Posts And Poles

Post and Pole Manufacturers utilize Round Wood Systems dowel mill machines because our machines assure a high quality product, consistent production, and reduced maintenance. But post and pole manufacturers are not the only ones utilizing our machines.

Many companies are purchasing dowel machinery to cut out the middleman and save costs. The return on their initial investment of a dowel mill machine is seen with the spike in production and profit margins for their companies. Our machines reduce labor by one half and increase production 100 percent.

Virtually any business that uses round wood components for the bulk of their operation can benefit from the purchase of a Round Wood Systems dowel milling machine. Furniture manufacturers, log home builders, ranchers and farmers, fencing companies, you name it, there are numerous companies and businesses who have chosen to invest in milling machinery.

The advantages of purchasing a dowel mill machine quite simply are that it will save you money as well as make you money. How?

Efficiency = Speed: The mill machines are capable of processing logs at speeds up to 120 linear feet per minute

Versatility: Round wood dowels can be produced from 2 inches to 8 inches in diameter.

Less Waste = Increased Profit: You can earn higher yields from raw materials due to the ability to create a wider variation of dowel diameters and lengths.

If you are interested in learning more about our dowel mill machines and whether purchasing a machine for your business and eliminating the middleman would be a sound investment, call us today at 877.449.3464 or click the button below.


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