Designing & Engineering Dowel Mill Machinery


Round Wood Systems, a division of Montana Hydraulics, LLC, designs and engineers dowel mill machinery and accessories. Based on advanced technology matched by expert manufacturing, our dowel mills meet customers’ needs better than any other equipment available.

100% committed to customer satisfaction, with the flexibility to provide custom solutions. Shown to increase production by up to 100% and reduce labor costs by 50%.

Renowned for their high production capabilities, Round Wood Systems’ dowel mills are used by some of the largest post and pole operations in the United States and Canada.

Eliminate The Middleman?

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Manufacturing Your Own Posts And Poles Post and Pole Manufacturers utilize Round Wood Systems dowel mill machines because our machines assure a high quality product, consistent production, and reduced maintenance. But post and pole manufacturers… More…

Custom Solutions For Unique Situations

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Roundwood Systems has worked with the Pfendler family, Pfendler Post and Pole, over the past several years, helping him with ongoing troubleshooting, service and repair issues on an older dowel mill that he had bought… More…